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Carol has had extensive training in many modalities, and is continuously moving forward with her education. Carol teaches Reiki classes (since 2007) and is a Bars Facilitator, Body Process Facilitator, Energetic Facelift Facilitator and a Right Body for your taste Facilitator. To see a listing of her classes click here.

Carol Taylor is a gifted energy worker based in Kindersley, Sk who has been involved in the self help movement since 1986. Carol has taken many different classes in Reiki (Usui and Karuna Holy Fire), Theta Healing, Bodytalk, Crystal, Angel classes and Access Consciousness. She uses all her experience working with her clients in Kindersley.

Carol combines multiple modalities and works with her intuition to assist her clients in clearing limiting subconscious beliefs that hold us back from reaching our fullest potential, resolving past life issues, and healing the body and mind through non-invasive energetic techniques.

Carol is listed as a professional associate on the website as well as


BARS Treatments

Did you know there are 32 points on your head that when gently touched, effortlessly release anything that doesn't allow you to receive. The BARS has assisted thousands of people change many aspects of their body and their life including, health, sleep, weight, money, anxiety, stress, relationship and so much more! At worst you will feel like you have had an amazing massage. At best your whole life can change into something greater!

Access Body Processes

There are 50+ from Access Consciousness that help release disease, stress, tension, trauma, old injury, and more, from the body. These are hands on processes that feel very soothing and relaxing to the body.

Energetic Facelift

The Access Energetic Facelift is an amazing hands-on process that reverses the signs of aging from the face and throughout the
body. It helps to release the stress, trauma and beliefs that create aging. It is one of the most relaxing experiences your body can have. No surgery, No Injections, No Drugs !

Symphony of Possibilities Treatment (SOP) Stop being a victim of your life. How have you limited yourself? This treatment helps
you create a whole new reality.

What else is possible for you?

Carol uses a variety of these tools, to aid your body and mind to a place of greater ease. She intuitively follows the energy to
release the the beliefs, stress, trauma, grief etc.that blocks our body from healing and contributing to us feeling stuck.

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Carol Taylor's Energy Treatments

Advanced Thetha Healing TM Practitioner

Usui Holy Fire Teaching Reiki Master

Holy Fire Karuna Teaching Reiki Master

Certified Reflexologist

Reiki Crystal Practitioner

Body Talk

Access Bars Practitioner & Facilitator

Access Body Process Practitioner & Facilitator

Access Energy Facelift

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